Open for business - Our COVID-19 Response

virtually invisible | fully customizable

Open for business - Our COVID-19 Response

Access Panel Solutions - Custom Access Doors and Hatches for walls and ceilings - since 1995 

virtually invisible | fully customizable

Open for business - Our COVID-19 Response 

Access Panel Solutions - Custom Access Doors and Hatches for walls and ceilings

virtually invisible | fully customizable

architectural access panels & grilles

Access panels and doors for home owners

Home Owners

We sell directly to home owners, renovators, and do-it-yourselfers. Our panels are easy to install and ship with detailed, easy-to-read installation instructions.

On the top left corner of each of the product pages on our website, there is an installation video. This will help walk you through each step of the installation process.

The easiest access panel to install is our BAUCO® softline because it requires no finishing. This model comes with a white powder-coated finish (RAL 9016). Just cut the hole, insert the panel, and the flange of the frame covers the opening completely—no further finishing required. To match your colour scheme, simply scarify with a sanding pad prior to painting.

For a high end finish, our BAUCO® plus II model is virtually invisible and can be painted, wallpapered, or tiled to match your interior design. We have a frequently asked questions page to answer the questions that we are most commonly asked.


  • Get a quote within 24 hours
  • Short production lead times
  • Easy installation with common drywall techniques

The BAUCO® paint-ready option for BAUCO® plus II saves you time and effort when installing. It also provides a highly durable surface for extra security. Articles

Bob Jackson at has produced a series of articles explaining how homeowners can install BAUCO® plus II, BAUCO® rondo, and BAUCO® softline panels in walls and ceilings. We have collected the links to these articles on our website here.

Attic Hatches

One common application for access panels in the home is to install them for attic access. We have compiled our best suggestions for which access panels to use as attic hatches here.

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