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virtually invisible | fully customizable

Open for business - Our COVID-19 Response

Access Panel Solutions - Custom Access Doors and Hatches for walls and ceilings - since 1995 

virtually invisible | fully customizable

Open for business - Our COVID-19 Response 

Access Panel Solutions - Custom Access Doors and Hatches for walls and ceilings

virtually invisible | fully customizable

architectural access panels & grilles

access panels and access doors -  finishes and finishing options

Access Panel Finishes

With concealed hardware, inlay options, and flush surface finishes,  BAUCO® plus IIBAUCO® rondo, and BAUCO® plus panels can accept a variety of surface treatments in keeping with the wall and ceiling finishes specified for the room.

Drywall finishing and mudding for BAUCO® plus II & BAUCO® rondo

This method works for the finishing and mudding of the virtually invisible access panel and of our unique circular access panel.

Remove inner door leaf and begin applying filler compound. It is important to press the compound firmly into any gaps around frame and fill to the height of the outer protruding frame, as this is your finished height.

Now apply compound to the inner leaf, filling it up to the raised outer edge. When ready, sand and refill to desired finish. When filling and sanding is completed, clean the excess filler and dust from the gasket and frame areas with a damp cloth.

Place the door leaf back into the opening, attaching the safety cable.

Drywall finishing for BAUCO® plus

This method works for the finishing and mudding of the gypsum wallboard access panel.

Remove installation handles. Place safety caps onto fastener tips. Close door. Place the self-adhesive masking disk on each latch head and use elastic cord to mask the gap between door and frame. Mud to proud aluminum frame. Remove the elastic cord. Avoid mud in the hinge mechanism.

Sand until the edge of the aluminum frame is fully visible. Do not leave any compound covering the edge as it will break off. Remove masking disks from latch heads. Clean frame. Apply gasket along back edge of the outside frame. Cut to appropriate length. Do not cover where plastic hinge interferes.

Time-saving BAUCO® paint-ready option for BAUCO® plus II and BAUCO® rondo

To save you time on installation, the BAUCO® paint-ready option provides a durable, factory-primed door leaf for your BAUCO® plus II or BAUCO® rondo access panels.

Paint finishes for access panels

Our gypsum-inlay access panels can be primed and painted the same as the surrounding wall and ceiling area. With the BAUCO® paint-ready option, you do not have to prime the door leaf.

Paint Finish Access Panel
Access Panel Match Surrounding Area
Designer Finish Access Panel

Wallpaper finish for access panels

Wallpaper can be applied directly to the surface of the access panel door leaf, allowing the access panel to blend into the wall or ceiling.

Wallpaper Finish Access Panel
Finishing Options Access Panel
Designer Finish Access Panel

Wood veneer finish for access panels

Since the access panel sits flush with the surrounding wall or ceiling, you can apply a wood veneer wall treatment as you would to the rest of the wall or ceiling.

Wood Finish Access Panel
Mill Work Access Panel
Custom Finish Access Panel

Tile finish for access panels

BAUCO® plus and BAUCO® plus II frames fasten to the substrate on which the tiles are set. The principal frame design is for either 1/2" (12.7 mm) or 5/8" (15.9 mm) thick gypsum wallboard. If the frame can be mounted to the tile-backer board you use, then the access panels will work for your application. We can provide a custom tile backer inlay with the access panel or you can install it on site, so that the tile can be set directly onto the access door leaf. Door and wall surface are automatically in the same plain. The access opening can be sized to fit the tile and grout lines or the tile can be cut to continue on the door. (see pictures below).

Tile Finish Access Panel
Access Panel Tile Match Surrounding Area
Designer Tile Finish Access Panel


TheBAUCO® softline sheet metal access panel can be installed over top of an existing tile finish. Cut the opening into the tiled surface, insert the BAUCO® softline door and fasten frame to backer board or structural studs. Adjustable mounting tabs on the frame can be bent to grab the wall. For further refinement, a caulking bead can be placed behind the frame flange prior to inserting.

Vinyl coverings for access panels

Vinyl wall coverings have great durability and are easily applied to our access panel door leaves with the same application techniques used for drywall.

Millwork finishes for access panels

The hinges of our access panels allow for a variety of facing materials to be applied.  Facing thickness may depend on panel dimensions and the perimeter gap required.  Contact us  to discuss your millwork application. 
Millwork Finish Access Panel

Veneer Plaster finish for access panels

BAUCO® plusBAUCO® plus II and BAUCO® rondo frames can be supplied with "imperial" veneer plaster backer-board (AKA blueboard). The frame protrudes by about 1/16" (1.6 mm) beyond the surface of the board and serves as a finishing trim. In general the door surface can be treated just like the surrounding wall and ceiling.

Stucco finish for access panels

BAUCO® plus BAUCO® plus II and BAUCO® rondo access panels can be covered with stucco. The principal frame design is for either 1/2" (12.7 mm) or 5/8" (15.9 mm) thick gypsum wallboard. If the frame can be mounted to the backer board you use for your stucco, then the access panels will work for your application. The critical detail with stucco lies in the protection of the edges against wear. The frame provides a 1/16" (1.6 mm) lip above the factory installed board inlays. You may want to use a 5/8" (15.9 mm) model frame with 1/2" (12.7 mm) or less board inlay to gain an extra 1/8" (3.2 mm) in trim height.

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