Open for business - Our COVID-19 Response

virtually invisible | fully customizable

Open for business - Our COVID-19 Response

Access Panel Solutions - Custom Access Doors and Hatches for walls and ceilings - since 1995 

virtually invisible | fully customizable

Open for business - Our COVID-19 Response 

Access Panel Solutions - Custom Access Doors and Hatches for walls and ceilings

virtually invisible | fully customizable

architectural access panels & grilles

Contractor Testimonials

"Access Panel Solutions has a great product and even better customer service. I appreciate all your help and I look forward to working with you again soon."

Michael, Tru-Build Construction Company, Virginia

"All went well from order process thru delivery and install. Panels are a great product and the overall experience dealing with your company was great. We will use you again as the need arises."

Kevin Bailey, AW Baylor Versapanel Plastering Inc, Florida

"Door arrived on time, fit fine, looks great, and worked well. It's always a pleasure to work with APS, thanks."

Joe Kaperick, Lease Crutcher Lewis, WA

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"Everybody likes them. The architect is quite happy."

General Contractor

"Everything was fine, quote was prompt, shipped when you said, service was excellent, installation was easy and the customer was happy with the finished look. We have quoted the job and we should hear something in the near future. I will certainly contact you if I have another request to furnish access panels."

Jim Hargrave, Tampa Winnelson Co, Tampa, FL

"Everything was great from my end. I appreciate your quick and courteous responses. All the doors showed up in the promised time frame. Thank you for making my job easy!"

John Drace, Bombard Mechanical, NV

"Everything went great, We received the Panels in perfect condition and on time to complete the job. Our customer was very satisfied with this product. Thank You and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future."

Butch Morgan, Marek Brothers, TX

"Everything went very well. We are very familiar with your products and they continue to impress the architect and homeowners we work with. I have provided information about your company to a number of architects and suggested they specify APS for all access door requirements."

Chris, Liebhaber Construction, NY

"The panels went in great and look perfect after the install. The architect was very impressed with your product as well. I have ordered from APS in the past and will continue to do so in the future."

David Stauffer, The I-Grace Company, Long Island, NY

"Hi Guys. After installing about 60 of the 24” X 24” access panels on my project at the Ismaili Center Prayer Hall and Community center at the Don Valley Parkway and Eglington Ave we found them to be a very good looking stealth type door with a very nice opening system. We would not hesitate in recommending them to our customers in the future. Good job guys. I like your product."

Randy Dunford, Sheet Metal Supervisor

"I was impressed with your product and I felt it created a very finished look while still having needed function. Quality was very good as well. Thanks."

Steve Smith, Builder Inc, PA

"I always recommend your panels to clients, architects and designers, and they find your website helpful. The whole process was a breeze especially the installation. I like the bauco plus II, the corners on the panel don't have the radiuses, and you eliminated the hardware to operate the hasp, which was always finicky to plaster and paint in. The touch latch is a improvement."

Mike Delmonte, As You Like It, NY

"I have used these access panels in the past. They work very well and are easy to install." Estimator, Heating Contractor "Our customer was happy with the product and I was happy with your service"

Roger Kaun, Winroc, Edmonton, AB

"So far, doing business with Access Panel Solutions has been great, I have had no complaints from any foreman for any order we have placed with you. I wish all companies did business like you do!"

Derek Harney, Plan Group, New York, ON

"Thank you. You guys seem great and are quick with the replies which these days means a lot."

APS Customer

"Everything went great. When a customer is looking for a Sound Rated Panel, I'll be looking your way."

Tyler Franklin, Hardware Tech Inc., Santa Rosa, CA

"The 48" x 48" worked out great. It looks so crisp. The best I have installed."

James Meslesner, Drywall & Acoustics, NY

"The access panels work very well and we have had great success. We have asked a number of designers to start specifying your product. The Calgary market for interior renovations has been typically an MDF type of panel. They are subject to shrinkage and we have had a lot of cracking. With yours this is never an issue. Keep up the good work."

Daryl Goudie, Soundtex Interiors Ltd, Calgary

"The install went smoothly and my contractors had no difficulty with the install. I am very happy so far, I have not yet finished plastering & painting so , I am still waiting to see the final finished product, but so far am very happy The customer service was excellent. Fortunately all the packages/boxes arrived undamaged. Given that the product is mostly Sheetrock, I was very happy to discover non of the Sheetrock was damaged give the final destination was NYC. I would strongly recommend your product and your company give the excellent, knowledgeable service you provide."

Pete Mystry, Lord Shivas Properties LLC, NY

"The installation went very well, and I think the access panels work great. We've received quite a few comments from the architect and the users of the space that they're quite impressed with the access doors. Also, I think that the fact that the door can be completely removed from the opening is a much more functional option than the traditional fixed hinged door."

Justin Litun, Krawford Construction, Edmonton, AB

"The installation went very well. Our customer is extremely pleased with the look and function of the panel."

Jeff Gauthier, ConReCo, TX

"The installers like them a lot and think they are great to install. We don't often supply the access doors, but now I look at the specs to see if there is an opportunity to add the the supply as well as the installation - with your product. Your service was very good - ordering, shipping, and delivery of the product. If (only one) door was late it was our own fault - but even that turned out well - the installer even commented on how much nicer, better suited, and easier your doors are. We really like the looks of your doors and now will take every opportunity to bring up a discussion of your doors wherever we can."

Randal, Alpine Drywall & Plastering, Edmonton

"The product is great to install and finishes off very well. The owners of the mall are happy with them (they must be as we have now installed 280 panels in the mall). Customer service was great, lead times were very reasonable and shipping was always on time and un-damaged."

Paul Perron, Gypsum Drywall Interiors, Winnipeg, MB

"The product, company and staff are terrific."

Builder, NYC

"Things couldn't have gone better, they look amazing, were easy to install, and you shipped them to us in 2 days. I literally tell everyone I can about these panels. My new go-to for any location other than a garage or crawlspace. You will hear from me again!"

Ian Gray, Actis Projects, BC

"This was absolutely the right choice for the job. Clean, easy to install, and the owner loved it."

Kendall Pig, No Problemo Contracting, NY

"We installed 7 panels totals. It was the first time I used your product. The installation went perfectly. They looked great and the customer was very happy. When I called for a quote I needed them right away. The sales person did an excellent job getting the order complete and shipped them right out. I will definitely order them on my next project that requires a panel."

Cervone Contracting, Conshohocken, PA

"We love your product and it was the perfect solution for us. You may recall, I was a little concerned about getting your product in time due to our tight schedule and your location. You exceeded my expectations on all counts. I was impressed your personal professionalism and I assume that speaks to the quality of the company as a whole. I plan to use your product on future projects whenever possible. On such a fast paced and difficult project it was a tremendous relief to have something go so smoothly."

Bryce Jensen, R&O

"We were very pleased in our dealings, you were accurate, professional and easy to deal with. The door arrived quickly and was installed with relative ease. Thank you for this. We look forward to working with you in the future."

Keith A. McTaggart, Contractor

"You all were great, the panels shipped always on time and in good condition. We appreciated the fast service when we placed our second order and the products were just what we wanted. They were great quality for the price as well which is always a plus for us and the clients pleasing, thank you again and I will recommend your company to the other project managers and superintends in my company."

John Buonocore Jr, Michilli Inc, NY

"Your access panels have been great. Installation was simple and the client is very happy. Customer service and support has been excellent every step of the way, and I appreciate it. I will certainly continue to use your products on future projects."

The Zorel Group, NJ

"Your access panels worked out great. Simple to install and nice final product. Thanks for your help."

Tony, Bolt Developments, Toronto, ON

"Your custom panels are very reasonably priced. I expected a higher cost and was pleasantly surprised." Contractor, Florida "Your design (custom door with integrated air return grill) makes the installation aspect of the project simple and hassle free which is what our client is looking for. Also it appears to be quite cost effective. They also approved your standard doors to be used on the job."

Wall and Ceiling Contractor

"Your product is the best I've used as of yet. ALso delivery comes a lot faster than other companies we've used in the past... so I will continue to use your access panels on all my jobs as needed... Thank you for a great product. Quick & easy to install & finish."

Mark Washington, Embree Group, TX

"One thing I would l would like to comment on is how helpful you were through this whole project and the rapid delivery of the panels on each order were very much appreciated it. It helped close our project on a successful completion. Justin, Ellis Don, Edmonton, AB The panels worked great and our client is very pleased with them. The only hiccup we had was the panels not getting to us on time but ya'll took care of that by removing the freight charge. We are very pleased with the way the situation was handled and look forward to working together with you on future projects."

Josh Arnold, Contracting, TX

"We and our clients are very happy with your product and they were easily installed. I would also like to commend your firm for your quick responses and turn around whenever a query or question was submitted. Thank You"

Paul Lord, Tribuild Contracting, Calgary

Architect Testimonials

"The hotel was very impressed with the stealthiness of the panels. Once they saw the panel covered with the corridor wall paper and only the 1/16" reveal around the unit they decided it was the best access panel situation we could ever hope for."

Architect, Louisiana

Everything went very well. Ordering, shipping and installation was fast and easy. The owner as well as our GC really like the product, I’ve been spreading the word around the office that your product is very sleek and that we should use it in more of our projects that require access panels.

Sam Manning, Architect, Clayton & Little, Austin Texas

Interior Design Testimonials

"We can use them for access to hot tubs and steam units and set the tile right into them. I'm thinking of using them for millwork."

Interior Design Team

"We have used these on renovations in the past. They have a very pleasant, frameless detail, which I would like to deploy for all the access panels required for mechanical and electrical access."

Interior Design, University Campus

Developer Testimonials

"My superintendent tells me that he was pleased with the quality and ease of installation of the panels."

Developer, Santa Fe

"The nicest access door we have ever installed, especially at that size (31" x 48")."

Project manager, Michigan

"The project went well from what I heard from the General Contractor. Your service is great, keep up the good work! We look forward to doing more business in the future."

Kyle, Larkin Specialty Products, Dartmouth, NS

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"We shipped the access panels to our customer in the Grand Cayman, and they were very happy with the way they came out. We will continue to offer these in the future, and will contact you next time the need for access panels arises."

Mike Nodarse, Sunex International, Pompano Beach, FL

Engineer Testimonials

"Just a few lines to thank you for all your help in the fulfillment of our order and to tell you it was a real pleasure to work with you. I am sure in the future we will speak again. Your products are excellent and they are making a big impact here in my country since this is the first project that uses this type of thing here. Of all the installers and sub contractors we brought to the site, none of them knew these kinds of goods existed. Thanks a lot."

Engineer, Dominican Republic

Hotel Testimonials

"Bauco Plus II are the access panels we used at the Hotel Georgia and the Fairmont -- they are without question the best available in the market and the additional cost premium over standard, steel recessed doors is minimal -- well worth the cost. Product quality and service are both excellent."

APS Customer, Vancouver

Home Owner Testimonials

"Happy doesn't describe how I feel about the Baucoplus access panel! I actually point out to friends how it looks and works. The installation was straight forward, easy and the results perfect, as you know the panel actually closes flush with the wall with a nice small "shadow"line around it. The effect is that the opening is purposeful, designed with a function. Positively brilliant. I keep looking for other places in the house to use the Baucoplus access panels."

Larry Osborne, CT

"As far as clients, I actually was the client, :) Unfortunately, our GC wasn't willing to work with anyone but her normal suppliers, so I had to coordinate this myself. You guys really saved us, because other suppliers I talked to were going to take weeks longer and cost hundreds more. I really appreciate your help, and am quite happy with the result."

Roger Strain, TX

"Both panels went in easily and do a wonderful job hiding the electrical box in my house. Thank you for the prompt response. It's good to see a company that cares so much about its products and customers."

Home Owner

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"I am very pleased with the product. Looks great and installed very easily." Jason Aurini, Waterloo, ON

"I just wanted to let you know that the 8"x8" access panel I bought from you is perfect. It was easy to install and looks great. The bauco softline is the perfect panel to hide my water shut off valve. Thanks again."

Ilsa Petelle, Home Owner, WA

"I love the product and the service is great, I only wish more of my suppliers had your model. Have another project coming up and will be using the product."

Don Hornell, Home Owner, ON

"Love your stuff, and your customer service could be the best I have seen...... You follow up, You call back. Your salesperson is great, she even followed up 6 months later and made another sale."

Eugene J. Long, PA

"The panel worked out wonderfully. It was packed beautifully, installed easily, and has met my expectations. I will not hesitate to recommend access panel solutions or use you guys again."

Michael Ruszkowski, CT

"The installation went well. Your customers service was *phenomenal*. Your quote was super prompt. I contacted you one night through your web site and had a response the next day. Honestly, this really surprised me. I ordered a custom size and you literally had it in the mail the next day. And you walked me through my choices in a very clear way."

Home Owner, California

"This was my first experience with Access Panel Solutions - and it was great. The panels exceeded my expectation; installation was a breeze; the hidden latches and hinges make for a very finished look. I purchased two panels (48" inch panels) from the clearance sale section that were supposed to have a couple of scratches on them and I am still looking for the defects. Excelent product, excelent solution for my basement remodel needs. Lisa Pera worked with me on the order and she is teriffic!!!"

Bob Rich, Shell Knob, MO

"Very nice product. Installed with no problems and looks beautiful"

Ken Plunkett, CA

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