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Concealed, fully hinged gypsum wallboard access panels 

bauco plus is our original concealed hardware access panel for gypsum wallboard (GWB) with a flush cam latch. The door is designed to blend seamlessly into your wall or ceiling. Once installed and finished to match the surrounding surface, all that remains visible are a clean 1/16" reveal with a small radius at the four corners and a flush cam latch with ½" (13mm) diameter . The door is fully hinged and can be removed for unencumbered access. bauco plus is also available in standard sizes and custom sizes.

bauco plus access panel front bauco plus access panel back bauco plus access panel closed


bauco plus access panel framing view

For Use In:

  • All assemblies clad in gypsum wall board 1/2" (13 mm) or 5/8" (16 mm)
  • Wall or ceiling installation
  • New construction or repairs
  • Rough openings in GWB without abutting structures
  • Maximum clearance with removable door leaf
  • This product is not fire rated


  • Virtually invisible access opening (only 1/16" 2 mm void and cam latch visible)
  • Clean, continuous surfaces without visible hardware
  • Apply your choice of surface treatments directly to the door leaf
  • Superior acoustics with gasket and mass of GWB in door
  • Custom sizes, custom inlays, & custom hardware

Standard Features:

  • Cam latch flush with surface
  • Strong aluminum frame and glass fibre-reinforced nylon hardware
  • Custom sizes and shapes available (limited maximum size)
  • Fully hinged removable door panels, with integrated safety catches
  • Moisture resistant GWB inlay
  • Perimeter gasket for on site installation after finishing (air tight)
  • Installation instructions, self-squaring installation tool and fasteners

submittal baucoplus_2_submittal_drawing_single_touch_latch small



About Us

Designers love our products because our access door designs are elegant, visually appealing. The panels are easily finished to match surrounding areas- whether with tile, wallpaper, paint or veneer; the options are only as limited as your imagination. The quality of our bauco wall or ceiling access panel has become the industry standard for high-end construction projects.

At Bauco Access Panel Solutions, we pride ourselves in being the most customer-responsive access panel company in the industry. We accomplish this by being both the manufacturer and distributor of access panels and access doors which allows us to provide short production lead times, custom sizes, and superior delivery logistic.

Our personal service and flexibility in accommodating our customers' project schedules has earned us outstanding testimonials from architects, general contractors, designers, and home-owners alike.

With most orders we are able to ship 1-10 sized access doors in 2-3 business days, 10-50 doors in 5-12 business days, and 50-100 in 12-18 business days. We also offer a variety of shipping options to help you get your panels when you need them.

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