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bauco plus access panel for drywall


bauco plus II access panel product video


Virtually invisible access designed for drywallbauco plus II tm

Architectural access panels with concealed hardware and gypsum board inlay

  • Consistent, continuous surfaces with factory-installed gypsum board inlay
  • Gypsum surfaces suited to elegant and functional treatments
  • Easy installation with common trowel tools
  • Concealed hardware (frame, latch, & hinge)
  • Removable door panels with safety cables
  • Great for Mechanical Access, HVAC Access, Fan Coil Access, and Electrical Access.




bauco rondo round drywall access panel - architectural finish


Bauco Rondo - Round access hatch product video


Circular access panel designed for drywall

 Bauco Rondo 

Round access panel that blends with curved or oval design themes

  • Consistent, continuous surfaces for virtually invisible access
  • Superior sound barrier maintained by gasket and gypsum wallboard in door
  • Gypsum surfaces suited to elegant and functional treatments
  • Easy installation with common trowel tools and included fasteners
  • Concealed hardware (frame, latch & hinge)
  • Fully removable door panel with safety cables


bauco softline sheet metal access panel


bauco softline sheet metal access panels and doors


Clean flush access door

Bauco Softline

Galvanized sheet metal access door with soft transition frame

  • Soft-transition flush frame minimizes shadow gaps
  • Concealed hardware (latch & hinge), optional keyed lock
  • Fully removable door
  • Clean, white powder-coated finish.  No painting required.
  • Galvanized steel for high durability and corrosion protection
  • Simple installation with adjustable anchors for use in studs, stone, or brick


baucoplus access panel


 bauco plus access panel solutions product video


Fully hinged CAM latch access panel

bauco plus tm 

Concealed hinge gypsum wallboard access door for wall or ceiling

  • Strong aluminum frame and glass fibre-reinforced nylon hardware
  • CAM latch flush with surface
  • Fully hinged removable door panels with integrated safety catches
  • Moisture-resistant GWB inlay
  • Perimeter gasket for on-site installation after finishing 
  • Includes installation instructions and a self-squaring installation tool


bauco air - frameless air return and all in one service access





Air returns and grills for drywall

 Bauco Air 

Integration of air return and clean access openings, flush with surfaces

  • Add air returns to your access panel or wall 
  • Louvers are frameless and flush with the surface
  • Use in 5/8" or 1/2" drywall
  • Can be integrated with bauco plus II access panels
  • Available in brushed aluminium or white powder coat finish


bauco attic hatch - custom access doors





For spray foam insulated attic spaces

 Bauco Attic Hatch 

Available in two finishes both with a pressure release latch option.

  • These products save time compared to contractor-built hatches 
  • Products are sized for residential attic access openings
  • Designed to minimize the visual disruption of your clean ceilings
  • Fits ceiling joist spacing of 24" O.C.
  • Clean attic access with concealed hardware